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Leggings There are different variations of fashion for several decades, but the real boom experienced until now in the last couple of years. Leggings are very interesting trend, as well as have their enthusiastic admirers (and the winner) and equally contribute to their critics and opponents. Maybe it’s the fact that the real um wearing not everyone very own.

Wear leggings correctly

In connection with leggings CBD, just four unforgivable sins.

Leggings are not suitable for every woman

The first is their confusion with classic trousers. It is quite normal in the streets to meet a woman’s buttocks sandwiched in leggings and combined with a short shirt. Hard to say whether this is a real trend or fad damnable. At present, when they are still available cigarette pants, skinny, superskinny or jeggins is a misunderstanding of why women expose their body in such a “naked” way.

Quality is very important

The nudity is directly related to the second leggings sin – poor quality material. If you have not invested sufficient amount of money, it may happen that in certain body parts – buttocks, thighs – the material can stretch and reveal what lay beneath wannabe sexy model.

Choose the right material

Another stumbling block is undoubtedly bad material. Leggings undeniable advantage is convenience, but every woman should have a little common sense and vote at least muted colors and matte materials. Unfortunately come to the fore distinctive colors, patterns and various cuts, which are the only pieces of great character. Some women, however, ignore any rules and go behind the trend blindly, without realizing that they can not be damaged. But it is true that if a woman gazelle-like character and a certain amount of self-esteem, such as leggings. With patterns of flowers very stylish affairs, but the question is whether colors are always the best choice.


Even on the size beware

The last straw man is the wrong size, either at the waist or length. Larger size for hems Scrolls, smaller stretches over problem areas and cuts to length to mid-calf unnecessarily shortened legs.

Leggings are sometimes a challenge. But when it cracks, it’s worth it!

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