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Trendy winter already known for some time, but what this year will wear to various Christmas gatherings or right under the tree?

What to wear on Christmas Day?

For some, Christmas is a day like any other and wont dress as a tree, but someone this Christmas Eve deemed more special day and adapts his clothes. If you are among them, but also want convenience, choose pants or a skirt. If you manage to correctly combine surely impress at the Christmas table.


Christmas reigns above all red. Choose narrow trousers of colors that are not only appropriate, but also comfortable. You choose the winning classic knit sweaters with Christmas motifs, very often, reindeer or Christmas tree, which in the cool evening warm enough. A very nice combination is also a black knee-length skirts, for example, combined with a red turtleneck.

What a Christmas party?

The Christmas season is still a lot of larger gatherings, whether it is a meeting of all related or corporate Christmas party. At these events you need to dress in something other than slacks and a sweater.

Dresses are the number one option. Decent cocktail certainly can not go wrong. Most often, back in Christmas colors, red. Very elegantly acts clutch and other accessories (including jewelry) in silver, white gold and popular, which are also the colors of the holiday. A good choice is also fitted dress to the ground, which often occur in glittering variations and make you queen of the evening.

In outdoor frost it is not appropriate to take the dress jacket on skis, whether any cold, but rather a longer coat. Trendy black coat caters not only for heating but also retains overall elegant feel. If cocktail at a Christmas party not already have one, they are still available almost everywhere, however you may search more in collections for spring, although in many stores are now.

And you already know what this was going to wear to the tree or to a party?

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