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Creative Designer

Wondering what colors suited to the summer and how to combine them? In this article we will focus on two very different colors – yellow and brown. At first glance it may seem that they have nothing in common. This is not entirely true, beautifully complementary and form a perfect contrast. Why separately, when they go nicely together!


Yellow is still IN, do not be afraid to shine

Yellow is the color of summer, symbolizing the sun, blooming sunflowers, lemons and hides in itself a positive charge. On the other hand, it is very distinctive yellow and few women dare to wear to her clothes, which are all rich yellow. But it is a pity, yellow no need to worry if you know how to do it.


Choose the right shade

There is a whole range of colors that are not so pronounced. You can choose from a range of neon, across the sand, vanilla, lemon, banana, honey, curry or soft pastel. And often enough yellow color only tastefully combined to create an interesting outfit.


perfect contrast

Because the yellow color is very strong, most forms contrast with darker shades like black or brown. Black is a little sad, but such chocolate seems to be absolutely perfect. Moreover, it also chocolate color for the summer is, it’s a shade of tan you get from the sun.


How these two colors combine best?

Yellow should be that dominant, therefore, prevail in the whole outfit, because it is beautifully illuminated. Chocolate is a complementary color to bright yellow significant beautifully soft and gives it a touch of elegance. You can bet on the yellow flowing dress, and accompany your brown bag and brown boating. Yellow and brown is as perfect as the white and black.


TOP Why is yellow?

Yellow has over other dynamic charge, it’s a very positive color that gives its wearer a positive mood. In the yellow nobody can overlook, you’ll look younger and feel perfect addition. Lift the mood of himself and his surroundings and go for the yellow and brown, which underscores her even more. Feel free to experiment and Fan your wardrobe.

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