Michel Holding

Creative Designer

They’re in vogue for about 3 years, but there is still a lot of people do not understand – colored socks in classic shoes.

Until now I remember the first Czech direct presidential election, which was televised debate the son of one of the candidates. She was stylishly dressed and narrow legs in a perfectly-fitting suit of red socks sticking out. During the debate on it several times a “hero” from the audience shouted: “You have nice socks!” And people started laughing.


Pity that the camera never shot did not rest on that hero. My guess is it anyway lord shorts, tucked shirt, waist bag and sandals. You can probably guess what tuned sandals.


I recently heard about a show and even on that on ethere have yet to appeared in the locker room a few jokers: “Ha, ha, ha. Such colored socks. That would be really funny to put them into those classic shoes. “That’s really got them ready, I did not want to explain.


So once my opinion: Colorful socks are okay! They look funny and stylish. You may need to debug a tie or a handkerchief. You can easily go crazy with them. And funny is that they’re going to see more or less only when sitting. And it’s such a funny and your personal style detail that it will impress anyone.

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