Michel Holding

Creative Designer

Wearing the right dress for the evening event makes one stand out from the crowd. Its therefore a good idea to learn how to choose the best dress for the evening event or party.


Take into account the color, style and texture of the dress. Feel the texture of the material. Look for the best design that matches the material you have. Your body shape is also a factor to consider.


If you know your body size; height, waist, hips and bust, this make it easier for you to choose the perfect dress for the evening event. Ensure your measurement are well taken by a professional before starting the procedure of evening dress selection.


Another factor to consider is your age and body type. The color of the dress must co-ordinate with the color of your skin as this has some impact on the mood and impression one wishes to convay. To determine the best color for the dress to wear, put your hand palm up. On close check on your wrist you will see the color of your veins.


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