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Have you gotten used to the make-up without applying lipstick, because once you try it on, the result is far from that as you imagined. Most likely, however, it is not a fault in your cosmetics, but in how you use it and is applied. Well we are advised to avoid these errors …

Bad connection pencil and lipstick– Although it appears that the current trends allow almost anything, however it is necessary that the atached. If you highlight enough the lips using lipstick and you want them to put even more emphasis, clearly it pays to use a pencil that shade should be only slightly darker shade of lipstick. Then the final result according to your expectations, and at the same time even supply a volume.

Prier increase is simple: use these tricks

Dry and chapped lips

Naruzim a cracked and not smooth lips might not be the best idea. Not only that, it will look terrible, but still took care also about the “quality” of dehydration. Therefore, before each use lipstick rememberlips gently vykefovať, and then not apply a moisturizing lotion. Leave on until you finish the rest of the make-up and then use lipstick.


To blur?

In the event that your lipstick on the lips is not continuous and constantly blurs the sides, it is quite possible that the error will be either the product or the lack thereof. This means that you get it right nenaniesli. If you do not when it is applied consistent, so your look will not like the magazine. Not one part of your lips let them not escape unscathed.


proper procedure

Professional Make-up artists recommend to start in the middle and continue towards highlighting the outer corner. It should also be borne in mind that when you go to the right lipstick, so you have to go right and left, and a few times in order to fill all the parts. The same procedure and select the lower lip and do not forget to connect the line.


Use a brush

When you nevertheless fail to lipstick applied to Kompletka, you can rely on a special brush of small size, which you know lipstick over the whole surface of the lips and fill in which they are received.


There is a simple utility that will take care to make your lipstick kept longer period of time and not just less than an hour after application. First, create a pencil line around the edge of the lips and then her coat the entire surface thereof. This will provide a great foundation on which will keep your lipstick without a single mistake. Finally, use a translucent powder that takes care of the long durability of your look-in

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