Michel Holding

Creative Designer

This year, getting into fashion really trendy elements: geometric patterns, neon colors, ombre style and metal studs. Some elements began to appear as early as last year, but this year it’s more pronounced with them. Another interesting and original element of the fringe. Fringes are decorated with various pieces of clothing. As a result, you will look pretty cool!

What you buy with fringe?

If you believe that the fringes are sold only shirts and trousers, as it is in Westerns, so now it’s completely different. You can buy shirts, blouses, skirts, dresses or swimsuits with this pretty ornament. The fringe outfit perfect complement. Fringes can be shorter or longer, there are also games with colors. Interestingly look and color transitions.

If you want to look different than the others, choose a fringe. In addition to the clothes they are adorned with accessories and shoes. Now it wants to look a bit, because the dress with fringes do not find in all stores with fashion.

Do you like the fringe?

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