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Meet the world’s first designer Charles Worth, who created the French “haute couture”:


Charles Worth was born in 1825 in Lincolnshire and as a young man he went to London to teach at a draper, a trader with fabrics and tailors needs. Most of the time, although apparently spent accounting, but also had developed a passion for fashion design. As his apprenticeship ended, he immediately went to Paris to work for a textile trader, who sold clothes. Here Worth began designing clothes, which enjoy an award in 1851 for “Great Exhibition” in London in 1855 at the Paris “Exposition Universelle”. Soon he had enough clients to ensure that he could start his own company ‘rue de la Paix “, a new fashion street.

Just at that time, in 1858, Worth created a business model that Paris made it the capital of fashion, which is today. He achieved this by introducing three revolutionary concepts.

Revolutionary triple: signs, models, show

First, his unwavering confidence and sewn sticky notes labeled “Worth, 7 rue de la Paix” All convinced that his clothes are just clothes, but a work of art. Secondly, your potential customers showed how good they might look like, and performing on live models figurantkách, not simply hanging dresses to tailor virgins. A third, held a fashion show, where women dictate what they wear in the upcoming season.

Tune in next time to read part 2!

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