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In the Romanesque period, women wore dresses very simple cut narrow skirt flowed to the ground, the sleeves were long hair covering Plachetka. The men had just strapped shirt and plain trousers.


In Gothic, all detracts from the heavens, which was reflected also in vogue. The skirt is extended by siding on his head wore a high funnel-shaped hat in the style of “White Lady”. The sleeves were also extended. Men wore short skirts and tight trousers two colors on their feet pointed shoes. On his head they had a hood with the hood and the belt slipped a dagger or a knife.


In the Renaissance, women wore a beret, camisole embellish your stand-up collar, which also showed off their neck, double skirts hung to the ground. The men wore waistcoats and breeches, which passed in stockings on his head also had a beret adorned with trinkets.


The Rococo women wore skirts, which had extensive reinforcement, thereby clothing several times extended. Rich ladies wore wigs. The men wear ornate robes and wearing wigs have a copy. They began to wear corsets and fancy shoes.


Baroque got copied by Rococo, but asked more emphasis on jewelry and trinkets (bows, beads, cutter ……) and also for men.


Classicism and Empire rejected everything that was in front of him, dresses have become very simple and natural, contain no corsets or support and reinforcement hoops, no embellishments and materials were mostly monochromatic. Men wore top hat and tails.

Romanticism slightly complemented the Empire mode.

Secession – ladies and men wear hats, dresses are sober, similar to

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