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FASHION HISTORY: Meet the world’s first designer Charles Worth, who created the French “haute couture”:

Charles Worth was born in 1825 in Lincolnshire and as a young man he went to London to teach at a draper, a trader with fabrics and tailors needs. Most of the time, although apparently spent accounting, but also had developed a passion for fashion design. As his apprenticeship ended, he immediately went to Paris to work for a textile trader, who sold clothes. Here Worth began designing clothes, which enjoy an award in 1851 for “Great Exhibition” in London in 1855 at the Paris “Exposition Universelle”. Soon he had enough clients to ensure that he could start his own company ‘rue de la Paix “, a new fashion street.
Just at that time, in 1858, Worth created a business model that Paris made it the capital of fashion, which is today. He achieved this by introducing three revolutionary concepts.
Revolutionary triple: signs, models, show
First, his unwavering confidence and sewn sticky notes labeled “Worth, 7 rue de la Paix” All convinced that his clothes are just clothes, but a work of art. Secondly, your potential customers showed how good they might look like, and performing on live models figurantkách, not simply hanging dresses to tailor virgins. A third, held a fashion show, where women dictate what they wear in the upcoming season.

Fashion History:
In the Romanesque period, women wore dresses very simple cut narrow skirt flowed to the ground, the sleeves were long hair covering Plachetka. The men had just strapped shirt and plain trousers.

In Gothic, all detracts from the heavens, which was reflected also in vogue. The skirt is extended by siding on his head wore a high funnel-shaped hat in the style of “White Lady”. The sleeves were also extended. Men wore short skirts and tight trousers two colors on their feet pointed shoes. On his head they had a hood with the hood and the belt slipped a dagger or a knife.

In the Renaissance, women wore a beret, camisole embellish your stand-up collar, which also showed off their neck, double skirts hung to the ground. The men wore waistcoats and breeches, which passed in stockings on his head also had a beret adorned with trinkets.

The Rococo women wore skirts, which had extensive reinforcement, thereby clothing several times extended. Rich ladies wore wigs. The men wear ornate robes and wearing wigs have a copy. They began to wear corsets and fancy shoes.

Baroque got copied by Rococo, but asked more emphasis on jewelry and trinkets (bows, beads, cutter ……) and also for men.

Classicism and Empire rejected everything that was in front of him, dresses have become very simple and natural, contain no corsets or support and reinforcement hoops, no embellishments and materials were mostly monochromatic. Men wore top hat and tails.
Romanticism slightly complemented the Empire mode.
Secession – ladies and men wear hats, dresses are sober, similar to

They’re in vogue for about 3 years, but there is still a lot of people do not understand – colored socks in classic shoes.
Until now I remember the first Czech direct presidential election, which was televised debate the son of one of the candidates. She was stylishly dressed and narrow legs in a perfectly-fitting suit of red socks sticking out. During the debate on it several times a “hero” from the audience shouted: “You have nice socks!” And people started laughing.

Pity that the camera never shot did not rest on that hero. My guess is it anyway lord shorts, tucked shirt, waist bag and sandals. You can probably guess what tuned sandals.

I recently heard about a show and even on that on ethere have yet to appeared in the locker room a few jokers: “Ha, ha, ha. Such colored socks. That would be really funny to put them into those classic shoes. “That’s really got them ready, I did not want to explain.

So once my opinion: Colorful socks are okay! They look funny and stylish. You may need to debug a tie or a handkerchief. You can easily go crazy with them. And funny is that they’re going to see more or less only when sitting. And it’s such a funny and your personal style detail that it will impress anyone.

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