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This is certainly not the less the better, so for those who are not supporters of the ultra skin-tight short shorts and mini skirts, we have great news. This year, on the full line leading maxi dresses. Lots of girls have succumbed to them, both at home and abroad. This airy piece, which also has a very feminine, and now you can find in any good fashion store and says that in the closet any of us should not be missed. Maxis what to choose and how to wear them?

Happy summer color and cut

The course, like last year delicate floral patterns that form in combination with a light and airy fabric maxi dresses feeling of tenderness. It is suitable not only for girls with slim waist, but also beautifully covered with folds at the imperfect character. Black Maxis has more the air bag flies crazy patterns and crazy color combinations, so do not be afraid to experiment. The material is mostly in summer clothes very important. Dial lightweight silk that keep you fresh and cool even on hot summer days.

When selecting maxi dresses look not only in color but also in shear. Try to choose one that highlights your strengths. To hide the tummy, choose Maxis seized under the breasts, on the contrary, to emphasize the waist and a distraction from the buttocks choose Maxis at the waist. You pride ourselves on full chest? Then take a maxi dress with cut out neckline to tie behind the neck. Also popular are strapless dresses, but they recommend that more women and girls with smaller breasts and narrow shoulders. Proper Maxis always ends a few centimeters above the ground.


How to combine maxi dress?

It is always necessary to consider what an opportunity for you chose maxi dress. In town, we recommend comfortable shoes without a heel, a great example gladiators or other trendy sandals, which act romantically. Patroness full of shoes, choose interesting ballerinas. You will not make a mistake with classic boating, which are more suitable for formal meetings, work or an evening with friends. However, if you want your character to add a few centimeters through the day, wedge shoes are the right choice. In colder weather drape clothes over a light sweater or denim jackets.

Colorful maxi dresses simply provide a very striking accessories (leather strap or a massive gold ring, a thin retractable headband or flower in her hair), monochromatic dresses Decorate more. Lightweight summer haircut style fake ponytail, unwilling fish braid to the side or flowing wavy hair parted in the middle will complement the overall outfit.

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