Michel Holding

Creative Designer

Next spring again you can welcome in your wardrobes blouses and shirts with bare shoulders. They are very sexy and elegant and so they shine on every woman or girl. Airy blouses in white colors are well suited to the jeans, and a black trousers into society and thus a blouse can be used both for going to work, and on the evening with friends.


Hit of the season spring / summer 2017/2018 are 80s

Whether hairstyles or clothing. Everything from the Eighties are coming back into fashion. Bet on colors or distinctive hairstyles. In vogue are puffed sleeves on blouses. So hurry them out of the closet again and inhale them with their charm. In the fashion and sequins


Ladies Fashion In Spring 2017- Complete your look elegant accessory with sequins. They are in vogue in 2017. Whether sequin dress, jacket, pants, skirt, purse or supplements certainly bet on them and you will be in. Someone cute when dressed in full sequined, someone quite contrary cute when selects only decent supplements. Definitely dont overdo it, or to not laugh

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