Michel Holding

Creative Designer

Flat cap with called. Flat caps, were typical for workers who worked in factories in the early 20th century. But they have become part of automotive fashion and thus were becoming increasingly popular.

Flat caps, Bohemia style maneuvering as flat caps (the name is derived from the Polish Foreign Minister Jozef Beck, who was a minister in the years 1932-1939) is nowadays the most popular blankets male head. As time has moved from working to cap the cap, which is quite acceptable for everyday business and freetime wear.




Bekovek history can be traced back to the late thirteenth century, and its predecessor the former mark bonnet. Present flat caps called. Flat caps starting in the 19th century, when it became the de facto standard of British workers, especially in his tweed variant. In our country, previously seen flat caps for a term known as the English flat caps. In the first half of the 20th century, flat caps found its place within the upper layers of the UK population and found a firm place in the countryside, hunting and leisure activities in the country operating environment. With the departure popularity hats flat caps moved into the city and took place as normal a fashion accessory that protects your head from inclement weather.


Flat caps a cap with low crown that slopes forward toward the peak, which is fully integrated into the trim cap. Most widely used material from which the so-called flat hat. English manufactures flat caps, the wave – from the classic sheepskin, despite a very popular tweed to cashmere variations, but the most popular are flat caps made of fine leather or goatskin.

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