Michel Holding

Creative Designer

your surroundings. Not only do you get your hair cut and color so neokouká, it also perfectly complements your outfit, which will make your hair imaginary icing on the cake.


We bring you some easy and inspiring hair styles that you’ll want to wear it all the time.


entangled knot -You can not decide if you now do a ponytail, bun or ponytail? And what all join together? Involved in a ponytail once you have done and can do it every woman, though, that has developed from a professional hairdresser. And this is precisely the charm of this hairstyle.


Simply make a knot in what amount you want. Ponytails let loose as soon hair split in half and closed it through the knot. thus, it is perfectly tangled tail


You can leave the hair just so, or pushed through the knot and tangle again so that you get from it will be a beautiful bun. Tip: This hairstyle is very elegant to act more naturally, leave some hair on leave, or. a swivel.


Braids are experienced as a hairstyle for cute girls to school, school, etc. shoot. Long ago already but it is not. This hairstyle trends remain, perhaps forever, because there are countless ways of knitting braids.


To work for an important meeting or on a first date is suitable French braid. In recent years, it is also becoming more popular and so. Fish braid, which consists of four strands from the normal braid. In this hairstyle will look like a goddess and others also remain so because looking at your fish braid everyone will watch in disbelief as possible to knit something. Try this trick and capture their surroundings.


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