Michel Holding

Creative Designer

The islands of constantly coming to continental Europe, a variety of news and fashion trends, which was characterized by a great combination of various types of urban and rural clothing. Especially in this direction is different from the French fashion, which was mostly based on fashion trends former French Justice. Thanks to the popularity of horse riding and the associated demand for convenience, it was the England that gave the foundations of today’s business suits with a short jacket.

Just as in times past are now the London bankers, lawyers and businessmen known for their unique style and sense of elegance. They know exactly how to choose a suit for the occasion, choose what tie to a shirt, how to choose shoes and accessories. They are famous for the fact that even after many hours of work performance always look neat and professional

Thanks to these demanding customers with London-based fashion business has become one of the best ever. Unlike other manufacturers in the world, at that London is not only elegance but also the appearance of perfect functionality, practicality and durability.

If you are in London you ask a well-dressed gentleman, where would you recommend to go for the right suit, shirt and shoes, most likely you always refer to the same place, in the small streets around Piccadilly, where for several centuries housed the best British tailors and shoemakers.

If you have a near Piccadilly way, do not hesitate to visit the street, Jermyn Street. This street is like a Mecca of men’s business clothing and all kinds of accessories for men. But above all, there are concentrated the best manufacturers in the world shirts. It is not, for example, brands like Hawes & Curtis, T. M. Lewin and Hilditch & Key, and of course, if you are one of the most challenging and the brand Turnbull & Asser, who is branded with a manufacturer for the best shirts ever. Its portfolio of clients includes top managers, politicians, and for several decades, also a James Bond movie.

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