Michel Holding

Creative Designer

Indications of this trend were already in the last year. In this year but stylish long vest went into full line with great success, which will chase fashion trends next year. It is a “must have” piece that would not miss anyone’s wardrobe, especially now, in the winter. You can combine them with everything.


The biggest advantage of  long jackets is that they do not have time to think about what I wear. To avoid a two hour assembling for the outfit, which is certainly good news for every woman.


Long vests can combine absolutely everything. Going into the meeting management? Bet on a white shirt, leggings or pants and throw himself over a long vest trends. Heels in this case take care of elegance that will be the icing on the cake of your outfit.


Long jackets are of course also suitable for other social events. Are you planning to go to the cinema, cafes, or to meet friends, long style vest you solve problems with the selection and take care of it, he shined.


Among other advantages of this trend include the fact that due to its length and style creates a visually waistline of your body and your problem areas discreetly hides into seclusion. Who would not love such a piece of that?


After all, we already have a late December morning and already tend to be very cold. Avoid unnecessary cold. Do not worry layering, it goes well with trendy long vest. Simply bet on a jacket that your vest and only just perfectly highlights. A leather jacket as the jackknife, which will add even bit of extra style.

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