Michel Holding

Creative Designer

Milan and Paris firsthand

LONDON –The youngest of the world of men’s Fashion Week is in its infancy and its main driving force is the Burberry Prorsum show signs that are moved to London from Milan only last year. In his new collection relinquished creative director Christopher Bailey tribute to British artists while also famous world buildings whose shape perfectly reinterpreted into prints and cuts of clothing and accessories. In addition, the Shanghai skyline and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Paul’s in London for him has inspired works of painter Lucian Freud, Christopher Wood, Duncan Grant and Ben Nicholson.

MILAN – Although the designer duo Dolce & Gabbana past few seasons does not figure on the official list of the Milan shows, their collections during the year and still presents even it became the crowned king –  literally. The main supplement their austere collection, carrying on a wave of gray-black color scale, in fact became a royal crown inlaid stones. By way of illustration and main inspiration of designers, this time from Sicily moved further north, to the time of kings and knights’ clashes. A crucial piece of the collection will become bulky sweatshirts imprinted with Sicilian and British rulers, who then passed the prints of historic castles and churches, reflected on suits and coats

PARIS – Only on Thursday took place in one of the greenhouses in Paris Parc André Citroën show men’s collection of Louis Vuitton. Designer Kim Jones, as is his tradition, inspired by traveling. This time, however, he breathed a brand new modern character. Jones had gone on a journey through your computer screen. Inspiration collection became world maps that NASA captured from space, as well as aerial shots of Peru’s Machu Picchu, Cuzco, the Atacama desert or the plains of Nazca. But it would brand Louis Vuitton, as well as to the idea of ​​his way to draw up by the last detail. The designer and his team therefore went directly to areas in Peru, in search of the best local materials, which then used as the basis for the new collection. After the catwalk, which was covered with a reinterpretation photo Atacama desert taken from space, so walked model dressed in pieces of cashmere, silk, wool as well as South American llamas vicunas and alpacas.

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