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Men’s shirts and their history

No worries, the whole history of men’s shirts on the limited space here to describe really will not. It could be because of a very long story. This piece belongs in men’s wardrobes to one of the oldest. Allow yourself is only a brief comment that historians seek origins in the fifteenth century. However shirts at the beginning of his era, was part of the bottom clothes, slowly it changed until a century later, and only after another hundred years, began wearing the shirt as we know it. Fortunately, many men without it he can not imagine his dressing. Disappoint you had to work to formal events or leisure.

Shirts and jeans – classic men’s wardrobe

Shirts and jeans are in the world of men’s fashion very popular combination. Not surprisingly, it is a choice that can be casual, elegant and very comfortable, depending on the materials. If you choose a shirt with a predominance of cotton, perfectly absorbs perspiration while not squeezing too, so there is no risk that you’ll look like you just broke the iron at home, just sit down somewhere. And be careful, not that you miss in the closet tape. Always in the case tucked dress shirt.

How to wear men’s shirt and sweater?

If there was just cold and jackets are not exactly your favorite clothes, choose a men’s sweater. If your shirt collar, no prescription, how should it be worn. Also, it will better suit the so-called. V- neck. If you will be really cold, his shirt is of course also possible to combine men’s jackets. Not only wide selection of shirts you have S-FASHION, e-commerce, which is the exclusive importer of German brand myTrends Textilhandels. It has a menu, for example, men’s pants or modern men’s tracksuit. Especially tracksuits have become highly sought leisure goods because of the wide range of designs thanks to the comfort they offer.

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