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Creative Designer

Every year they appear on the field of fashion news, even this will not be an exception. This year you ready metallic fashion. You do not know what you’re beneath imagine? These are clothes and accessories that have metallic (metallic) colors. These shades of gold and silver on the clothes look great, not only for the party but it is also suitable for school or work.

Less is more

As alone as you can see, these pieces are not so much extravagant as one might expect. But the point is that you should not wear that much combined. As with other less conventional pieces of clothing, less is more. Thus, always dress one piece with a metallic shade. If you will dress and metallic leggings to metallic blouse, so you’ll look ridiculous rather than trends.

What you can buy in metallic shades?

If you would like trendy fashion, go shopping. What do you get? Metallic blouses, dresses, pants, coats, jackets, purses, handbags and swimwear. Even though it may now appears that these trends are bad looking, but this year expect during the year increased offer. Nice are also nail polish with magnetic or metallic shade.

Where to buy metal outfit?

Metallic buy clothing business as usual fashion. Go look in the Manga, H & M, Marks & Spencer and others. There certainly succeed, if you already wear will be sold out.

This trend looks very interesting. Try to combine it with black or another neutral color.

Do you like the metallic trends?

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