Michel Holding

Creative Designer

Fashion is coming back, and now they are women loafers. Gentlemen wear them for a long time, but the ladies have the opportunity to plan for a long time. Just buy these comfortable shoes for which you no longer need to be ashamed, because they are in. Loafers are perfect trousers to skirts and dresses. They’re just perfect shoes, whether putting on anything. Fashion shoes, which should not be missed in your shoe rack, are just loafers.

Black or colored loafers?

In 2017, as in color. Choose from different colors and they will combine with coordinated blouse or jacket. You can also stay with classic black color. Creativity knows no limits at all. So whether you choose black, gray, greenish, red or white loafers always be a good choice.

And what a heel?

Women moccasins are not just classic flat shoes, but shoes with a heel or wedge. From the moccasin became chic shoes that really the rage. Casual and comfortable loafers become a hit, which you should not forget. Choose moccasins with smaller heels or without him, because this style is in.

Great fashion pieces you purchase your favorite shoe shops and fashion. Choose the most diverse colors with various decorations such as ribbons, bows or other frills. This spring and summer are in vogue rather flat shoes or with a small heel. Now womens loafers are a great representative of shoes in the spring season.

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