Michel Holding

Creative Designer

Last year, the neon clothes came into the limelight and it seems that this fashion will in no way retreat. Quite the contrary, be the center of attention with bright, beautiful color only in the spring of 2013. To look cool and a little extravagant? Focus on neon fashion.

What do you say to throw away the shame and will wear one piece dress with beautiful neon shade? You can choose from many neon colors – pink, blue, yellow, green … Or even clothes with different combinations. Favorite pants, leggings, dresses, skirts, vests, T-shirts, swimwear and accessories. This trendy fashion you can buy at your favorite stores with the latest fashions.

neon accessories

Your outfit, of course, add some brilliant addition. Choose one max. Two. Favorites are the beads, bracelets or ribbons. It works well and scarf in neon colors. Remember that it is necessary to keep everything in moderation known whether’re outside rather comical.


Swimsuit with neon hue

To enrapture all summer on the beaches? So let’s take a neon swimsuit! These swimsuits will act extravagantly, and if you’re not ashamed and want to put on a show off your slim figure, definitely go ahead. Swimwear in neon pink, orange or blue to take in stores or on the Internet.


Neon nail polish

And what about when a beautiful varnished nails neon shade? Or better yet luminous paint with such a distinctive color? And where to go with this varnish? To school or work rather not, but the party this varnish is certainly useful, because a great stand out. Nice colors can be bought in drug stores or in online stores.


Where the clothes you wear?

It just depends on you and on your judgment whether the clothes fit somewhere. You can dress neon colors to the party, the party, but also to school or work. What is important is what the rest of the outfit. When everything will seem to fit the situation, then you definitely neon dress.

Do you like neon fashion?

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