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Florence twice a year becomes the venue of the prestigious show Pitti Immagine fashion men Uomo. Tuscan metropolis has to the best historical and cultural assumptions.

For the development of medieval town, which already in 1293 had its own constitution, it was mainly the textile industry represented by the guild companies. They also directly decide about politics.

After overcoming the first and most serious plague in 1348 are beginning to appear the first signs of a revival of society. Renaissance Florence becomes even worked at the birthplace of literary geniuses, painters, sculptors and architects.

The January show Pitti Immagine fashion men Uomo in Florence –

Connoisseur of Renaissance life, Jacob Burckhardt (1818–1897) wrote: “Italy is already in the fourteenth century knows little about the false modesty and hypocrisy at all; no one is afraid to be noticeable, seem different than others, already around the year 1390 does not exist in Florence in the men’s clothing no reigning fashion, everyone is trying to dress according to their own style. ”

“What are the Italian painters such period costume, it’s beautiful and best what was at that time in Europe, just do not know exactly if it’s ruling, and whether to display correctly. So much is certain, that nowhere did not put so much emphasis on costume as in Italy. It is a nation was extravagant. Moreover counted but also serious people as much as possible beautiful and suitable clothes to complete the purchase of personality, “says Burckhardt.

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