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Spring is in full swing, we are not tuned to the right note, we should freshen up your wardrobe with appropriate colors. Black, red, and other significant or “somber” outfits likely to get stored in the closet and head to the pastel tones and subtle patterns. This year’s hot now two colors that complement each other perfectly and blend together. They are light blue and powder pink (baby blue Serenity and Rose Quartz). Compared to last year Marsala quite a nice change.


The subtlety is power

We can finally take off warm jackets and coats, and more to enjoy the fashion trends this year are more than interesting. Subtle shades of blue and pink literally dominated the catwalks and retail stores with clothes. Why these two colors? The explanation is simple. Light Blue has beneficial effects on the mind and powdery pink is typical of blooming flowers. Both look very soft and fresh. While in past years ruled Only one specific color, this is now two. And it’s an interesting change. Blue and pink demonstrates the blending of male and female world, brings together two very different colors that are not perfectly complementary.


How is it to wear?

You do not need to cloak in pink or blue, while these trends can be combined with each other or with other shades. The perfect look for a dress, skirt and jacket in the spring or browse our news Zaxy. You can also buy accessories in these pastel tones (again a perfect combination reconcile shoes with handbag, try to get a pale pink ballet shoes and a light blue handbag, you’ll be irresistible).


Fine patterns that will underline your femininity

Do you prefer designs? Then you should know that in fashion again returns flowers and stripes, but in a minimalist way. Maybe Jelínci from Deers will certainly attract their accessories. Do not be afraid to mix different patterns (no longer true that the strips and cubes do not match), but to do so must be a large dose of courage.


contrast deliver

Also this year, but you do not fully renounce contrasting color variations. Bright red blouse with light blue skirt and yellow top and pale pink pants. Flower jackets will again be a big hit and a perfect complement two basic colors that this year’s hot.


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