Michel Holding

Creative Designer

Winter is perhaps already on the decline and so finally we’ll be able to dress in interesting and fun colors. Who of us would like to always wear a dark and sad colors that are typical for the winter season? This spring will be full of colors. Each of us can surely choose the right colors. It does not have to be extravagant neon and metallic colors, but also gentle pastel colors or black and white classic. It depends on you.

Gentle and romantic pastel colors

Pastel colors came into vogue already last year and this trend is certainly not this year either in retreat. Gently pink, green, orange, blue and red found their place in the spring collection of nearly all brands. Just choose the trendy piece of clothing which will then be appropriately combined. You can buy almost everything, as well as fashion accessories in pastel colors.

Extravagant neon shades

If you pastel colors seem a bit dull, so it does not matter. You can dress up in extravagant neon colors. Bold neon colors do not find their place only on clothing and accessories, but also you can paint nails painted neon. And what about the summer on the beach where shine in neon bathing suit? These tones are great on girls and women that you really believe in.

Color with a hint of metal

Another option that you can wear, are metallic shades. Clothing, which has a metallic tinge to fit only to discos, but do not make a mistake if you go with them to school or work. Even though it is a bold colors and metallic colors will brighten enough. You can buy both clothes and accessories.

Classic black and white

What do you think of the timeless classic in black and white? Additionally this year, these colors stand out nicely in the sun. And not only the latest trends – geometric patterns, but also in a classical elegant clothes. When I was in those geometric patterns, so getting into fashion stripes, polka dots, bars, … Black shapes on white or vice versa look ravishing.

You’ve picked out what trend you prefer this?

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