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Spring 2017 is already fast approaching and finally do away with the thick jackets and long coats, and we will be able to dress in light spring jackets. You can choose between supply many brands. Today we look at spring jacket from H & M and their offer that is trendy, fresh and after the winter you finally find plenty of news. You can buy a jacket, park or džísku, which will, as usual in the latest fashion.

Imitation leather or suede

Interestingly they are designed spring jacket with imitation leather. Pretty shiny jackets classic colors, which are complemented by oblique and long zipper, you already in stores HM waiting. If you do not like oblique zip, choose a jacket with buttons to fasten. Popular colors include black, brown or cream. Error thing or pink. Popular is also adorned with imitation suede fringes.

Metal studs perfectly complement jacket

If you do not like boring monochromatic jacket, choose a jacket with decorations. Metal studs, spikes and pyramids in 2017 to complement any outfit, if you want to look tougher. Yet there can be found only a few pieces of silver to these frills.

A little elegance in 2017 also hurt

If you are interested in elegant fashion, buy a stylish spring jacket in original colors. Nicely Fitted jacket will fit perfectly to spring dress or skirt. You can also buy a longer jacket, which is looser.

Or try the classics

If you do not like any of these styles, see the old familiar classic that never goes out of fashion. We are talking about denim jacket. Sold as various shades of blue, and gray or black.

Do you know what you buy spring jacket?

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