Michel Holding

Creative Designer

Slowly, we are accustomed to much more casual style men’s fashion, but summer is recording an even greater range of new and unexpected mixes … So what can our partners offer what is just cool, trendy and in?

Men are generally in fashion trends grasp of power. We prepared a summary of the most important trends in the form of a transparent Ten Commandments. Summer Feast 2017 for men of all ages is ready and “fresh” cocktail? He had mix according to your own taste!

1.Must properly separate business, urban and weekend styles, new sounds fine balance between the classic and sportiness.

2.Sumemr suits have jackets with shorter silhouette and narrow fashions. Pants have mostly slim trousers. Besides the deep gray is a meaningful also blue.

3.So long dominated by evergreen every season, jeans, this time with a vintage look, in all shades of blue.

4.Trendy colors for men: for universal casual style will also offer fabulous coffee and purple tones, a new shade of “Campari”, light green and blue tones geyser.

5.A huge hit are lightweight knitwear, cardigans, remains popular “clamshell” … cut polo shirt with collar often have long sleeves and play them directly on the strips.

6.Sport and leisure clothing is inspired pole, golf, sailing and motorsport. Therefore often appear embroidery, flags, printed logos, emblems …

7.Universal useful are simple air and biker jackets – with many functional elements.

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