Michel Holding

Creative Designer

There is no place in the world where there would be more stylish men. It is fair in Pitti Uomo men’s fashion. All visitors already know that your outfit should not be underestimated, so try to look great and tuning. This year, it arrived in Florence in front of 24 thousand people.


In 2013, all visitors to the fair vied in inventiveness ornaments lapel. I estimate that just add two years and it will come to me so that around this year, these gadgets should start to appear in outfits in our country. In 2014 it was the row jacket. And yet for me a little bit uncomfortable in the closet, which is not too worn unbuttoned. However, the body looks interesting and stylish. And because women wear heels for beauty and men sometimes just a little bit close to two-row jacket.


Our grandmothers used to tell us; „The beauty lies within“, and they were true (if they were talking about closets)


Pants incredibly short lengths of sports shoes to the suit, the return tie clip, colors and all kinds of other “ujetiny”. All this and much more this year was seen at one point in the men’s fashion shows. It’s a bit of theater, what do we delude ourselves, but that is fashion. To normal daily wear gets only a part of these ideas and styles, but also a little bit to revive the world’s streets.


But an obvious trend this year were men with beards.


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