Michel Holding

Creative Designer

Half a century ago it was enough to make you hands in pockets leaning against a lamppost in clothes that did not match fashion, and you’ve already been considered a rebel. It was a sufficient act of resistance against official culture and history of fashion street of this resistance and struggle testify. Is also true today, that you let your dress, what music you listen to and what values ​​you profess? Street fashion is no longer what it used to be. It is characterized by remarkable diversity and the possibility of personal choice. Five decades on himself piled styles streets. The current young generation do not view the past with anger, as was the case with previous ones. Not reject the past represented by their parents. On the contrary, it is directly absorbed. Nostalgia associated with the end of the century has been responsible for restoring styles. Neomods, neoteds, neohippies or neopunk are obsessed with historical accuracy


“I’m under water, look, I got it,” proclaimed dress black youths from Harleem the early forties. They were called zooties.

White wanted to show that they are able to achieve a place in the sun and wear them to help. Malcom X’s in his autobiography describes as clowns, even though he wore it spacious, light-blue jacket with broad shoulders, buttoned one button. True that the larger zootie, the wider the hat. It had been as high as 15 cm, with pen and striking brim. Thick chain faux gold complemented pants that had knees whopping three-quarters of a meter towards the ankles sharply narrowed to a mere thirty centimeters. Two-tone shoes, colorful vests. Color ceased to be the prerogative of women’s clothing. From New York, the fashion came to Los Angeles. The young men joined their girls. Black widows or lovely cats, as they were called in the south, also wore a jacket reaching to the knees, and they fishnet stockings.

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