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Although there are those who lingerie with taste leaving them in a drawer and go to the streets “to live”, the vast majority of people can not live without a bra or shorts can barely imagine. Although it’s hard to believe these modest pieces of wardrobe have had a lot of history! How did it all begin?


Men arrangements for the winter or shorts and briefs

Euphoria covering the male genitalia loincloth started in ancient Rome. It sounds noble, but it was only a piece of linen or cotton wrapped around his body. Its purpose was only – to protect the wearer from cold and injury. (It had to be a big piece of cloth, he managed to avoid injury required after a fall from a horse, right?)

In the thirteenth century came a break and appeared first true underpants, which were long from the waist to the calves. Later, he even invented a šikula fly. It did not have to be gentlemen in every need to undress completely. It would have had ruled comfort? It’s possible.

Anyway, up in the thirties of the 20th century it began to have this underwear is today. In addition, it was much less sophisticated and zavazovátka drawstring waist replaced much more practical gum. Well, not that way! Can you imagine a situation where you desire to make love to her lover hastily in an elevator and the way you stand firm three knots and two buttons? God bless the 21st century!

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