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American web mode.com created a video that charts 100 years of the transformation of male and female clothing. In just two minutes and thirty seconds shows that most typical of fashion from 1915 to the present.

We all stylish walk that is through the history of fashion from 1915 to current trends, writes the author of the video. The footage captures a variety of fashionable styles typical of that era. And from the very conservative clothing from 1910 to clothing influenced by the period of the Great Depression.


Powerful mustaches and cube

In times of Albert Einstein lived and the Czech kingdom ruled by Franz Josef, were the most frequent clothing long, loose-fitting dress to her ankles, complemented by a hat, the ladies from the higher realms, for example, a bird feather. A stylish accessory but as protection against wind and rain with umbrellas becoming worn, inter alia, for hygienic reasons, also white gloves.


Man characterized the mighty mustache, small glasses rimmed with tiny, berets and men in terms of motives prevailed pants and a plaid jacket.


Iconic dance influences fashion

In 1925, he was a giant trend Charleston dance named after a town in South Carolina. And they had to adapt and clothing. For a bulky physique long dresses reminiscent blouse, chiffon dresses are born to spaghetti straps in different colors and cuts. They complement the long jewelry, handbags with tassels and fringes.


In men berets turns straw hats, mustaches again until smooth shaven. They begin to appear jackets with double-breasted fastening

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