Michel Holding

Creative Designer

It is a grace to the host to come to the event, as he wrote to the invitation. Maybe it has a surprise for you as ready limousine and going to the opera for performance. And then your rebelliousness style: “Screw it, I’ll Shorts” is a “bad”.


Divide therefore the basic two kinds of dress code and describe in your own words. It is not exactly balanced, so then you can add your personal favorites with anything you want.


Basic types of dress code are:


1) BLACK TIE-The translation is “black tie” and is thus a tuxedo.

Pants are stripes, which is the “silk strip” on the outside of the pants.

Collar or lapel tuxedo jacket are coated with a glossy silk.

The shirt is white with cuffs (not translated on the sleeves – it is necessary to use them cufflinks, but they look great).

To include tuxedo vest, but it could also be utilized sash around the waist.

Butterfly. You can even shinier Fit tie (with no color SpanchBobem). But the butterfly is a binding beauty.

Handkerchief in your pocket is always good. Preferably white, and I think there would not be completely tucked away anyhow.


Previously in this dress code went against ordinary dinner (in Britain had even call you “dinner jacket”), and I think it is a pity that now, gentlemen do not have much opportunity tuxedo dress. Doing it every guy looks like James Bond. A look like James Bond is good – it’s like girls.


2) SEMI FORMAL – As the title suggests, I understand it as something between. This is not about completely on the ball in the opera, but still is an event where you show that you care about on the host. Maybe wedding night. Because the unwritten rule is that at night, you should always wear dark shades and vice versa during the day, always leave a black suit in the closet. Then it with us at companies needlessly looks like at funerals and that’s only because the gentlemen afraid to go into the blue suit, gray, sand, etc.


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