Michel Holding

Creative Designer

Scandinavian style did not rule only home accessories and interior decoration, but also the fashion industry. The Nordic countries are increasingly coming to the forefront thanks to the exquisite taste, original processing and, ultimately, quality. Let yourself be inspired by Scandinavian fashion that is really worth it.


Why Scandinavian style literally conquered the world?

Scandinavian style broke into our home and into the fashion world due to its simplicity, quality and considerate treatment and an emphasis on traditional practices. No excessive decoration and pomp. Um show your unique also in vogue. Northerners have nepotrpí nor imaginative brand and certainly does not follow the dictates of fashion.


Nordic patterns that attract

Freshen up your wardrobe with original Nordic patterns. These appear on practically everything, mostly for sweaters, dresses, suction, blouses, shoes and handbags. Nordic style gives the room comfort. While domestically we are still accustomed to wearing clothes rather clamped in the north prefer freedom. Of course not do anything wrong proven combination of free sweater leggings or clamped to choose baggy pants and classic t-shirt.


Reindeer and snowflakes as a unique inspiration

Also, you can recall the manner in sweater Bridgit Jones’s Diary? Then it was a funny story, but today was just the reindeer and snowflakes have become a symbol of Scandinavian fashion. Even our grandmothers and mothers is vyplétaly sweaters, themes, reindeer, deer or needles therefore belong in the closet for years.

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