Michel Holding

Creative Designer

Outside, there is finally a beautiful summer weather, which it is connected and summer shoes. This year there is plenty to choose from, because the offer is very rich. Beautiful and trendy women’s shoes surely each of us to deliver. If you want to know what the menu you will find a collection of shops for the summer, look forward. Surely you some shoes so interesting that he is going to buy.

In summer you can wear many different kinds of shoes, depending on what you prefer. The most popular include summer boots, sandals, Roman women, moccasins, ballet flats, sandals or clogs. Pretty shoes beautifully complete the rest of the outfit, so you must also pay enough attention to the correct selection.

You’re in love with the style of ancient Rome? So you certainly will like shoes that appoint gladiator or even Roman women. They look like the ones from the time of the gladiators. It’s summer shoes with no heel, adorned with ribbons and connected to the central belt. Most of them are high on the ankle, but you can also find high on the calf or knee length. The color is often black, brown, white or metallic. Lately you can find this style on his heel, but he would not be called as Roman women. It is very important what they will wear, as is appropriate attire in this case really needed.


Ballerinas – the timeless classics

Ballerinas are the most popular shoes for many years. Their advantage is that they are cheap and one can choose from a variety of styles and colors. For this reason, it rarely happens that you find someone who has the same as you. Often without a heel or have very little. A woman who falls in love with this style will often have several pairs home straight ballerinas because they can afford them due to its low cost and potential combinations.

Summer boots or heeled perforated?


Neither high boots in the summer you do not give up, because there are summer boots. They have a free heel or toe, or both. They can be as high heels, platform or conversely their heel is low. Popular perforated or perforated boots, which are mostly in brown, white or black. Interestingly look and crocheted boots. Whether you choose any of them, surely you shine in them, if you have a dress or skirt and her lightweight top.


Clogs for quick fitment

Clogs are among the typical summer shoes. You can not have a free heel, but also the tip, again depending on the type. They may be not only leather but also of wood or plastic. Among the typical representative of the plastic shoes include Crocs, at the wooden clogs that are coming back into fashion and leather are one of those classic, where you can find various ornaments, buckles and other accessories.


By the sea without skipping does not

By the sea without skipping certainly wont succeed, but suited to the pool or lake. Never mind nor through the city, but only for short distances. At longer distances you from them can hurt your feet or space between thumb and forefinger on his leg. It depends on the quality of your implementation and resilience. If you wish to flip-flops for a longer walk, reach for sports types that are even stronger than in summer fashion pieces. Flip flops may also be decorated with various ornaments, which include rhinestones, buckles and studs.

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